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Information for students of law in examination proceedings

Students about to attempt the First State Examination in Law according to the examination proceedings and after their completion intend to remain enrolled, whether in order to improve their grades or to remain enrolled to receive the supplementary degree in business economics, should proceed with re-enrolment not until diploma certificates have been received only after (the month of February for the summer semester and the month of July/August for the winter semester).

Re-registering within the period stipulated is possible but not expedient, as a change in programme for the purpose of improving grades or participation in the supplementary degree in business economics can only take place upon receipt of the diploma certificate, and must be applied for separately.

Moreover, students receiving their diploma certificate, regardless of any re-enrolment attempted, are “by operation of law” - Art. 49 para. 1 BayHSchG (Bavarian Colleges and Universities Law) - de-registered at the end of the semester in which they receive their certificate.

Because of the late announcement of examination results by the Examination Division of the Administrative Office of the State Courts, the Student Administration Office cannot administratively process this de-registration until the end of the semester affected. This occasionally leads to re-registered students receiving notice of a “retroactive” de-registration.  Therefore, please present yourself at the appropriate time (until the middle of September, or until the end of February) together with the diploma certificate (original and copy), as well as (for participation in the supplementary degree) written confirmation from the Chair of  Public Law VI,  Legal Doctrine & the Teaching of Law (Prof. Dr. Kay Windthorst). Contact: Herr Marc Desserich, RW Zi., Tel.: 0921/55-6033), at the Student Administrative Office.

Further information on the subject of de-registration can be found on the pages of the Administrative Office of the State Courts - Examination Division in Bavaria.

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