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Module studies

In module studies, individual modules from Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes can be studied and completed with an examination.  After successful completion of a module, a certificate is issued for the module completed, including grading and the ECTS points achieved. A maximum of 30 credit points can be completed per semester. Exactly which modules are offered in a particular semester, as well as the regulations for module studies are presented on this page.


In order to enrol in a module study programme, the qualification and admission requirements of the study programme in which the particular module is described must be fulfilled.

For modules from Bachelor's programmes: general or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification. Information on admission to higher education for people with vocational qualifications can be found on this page.

For modules from a Master's programme, the requirements specific to the programme must be fulfilled:

  • Certificate of university degree, or proof of attainment of credit points required according to the current examination regulations to be evidenced

  • or, as the case may be, proof of a passed aptitude test

  • As a rule, students who have not obtained their Bachelor's degree at the University of Bayreuth require approval by the board of examiners in the form of a determination of equivalence. Contact details are available on the Homepage of the relevant degree programme.
Enrolment Hide

If you are not enrolled at the University of Bayreuth, you can register in a module study course via online enrolment in CAMPUSonline. Please submit the application for module studies together with your enrolment documents.

Students who are already enrolled at the University of Bayreuth, you can submit the application for module studies by e-mail to studierendenkanzlei@uni-bayreuth.de after renewal of the enrolment.

The module courses are designed in such a way that they can be taken either over one or two consecutive semesters (standard period of study). Enrolment is for the duration of the standard period of study of the selected module. If further modules are to be studied in addition, renwal of the enrolment for the module study course must be applied for in the Student Administration Office by filling in the form "Overview of the choice of modules" once again.

Students of module studies are required to pay the full semester fee. An overview of the fees can be found here.

Legal BasisHide

According to Art. 77 para. 5 No. 1 BayHIG, module studies may be offered for the acquisition of partial scientific or professional qualifications. Enrollment in module studies is only permissible if the individual modules are not part of a degree program with restricted admission. Art. 87 para. 1 sentence 4 BayHIG.

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