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Doctoral Studies programme

On this page you will find information on enrolment in a doctoral programme. You must have already found a supervisor for your doctoral project at the University of Bayreuth.

You do not yet have a supervisor and would like to do your doctorate at the University of Bayreuth? Then please inform yourself first on the page: Doctorate at the University of Bayreuth

Admission and enrolment for the doctoral studies programme

At Bavarian universities, doctoral candidates may enrol for up to four years. Some scholarship organisations require doctoral candidates to be enrolled.

Enrolment entitles individuals to a number of benefits and discounts:

  • Semester ticket
  • Access to all services offered by Studentenwerk at the normal student price (cafeteria, etc.)
  • Participation in courses including sports and free language courses
  • Advantages in terms of the right of residence for non-European doctoral researchers
  • Reduced admission prices to leisure, cultural and sporting events (cinema, gym, etc.)
  • Reduced prices for software programmes and licences or media subscriptions
  • Doctoral students who are enrolled may use the University of Bayreuth’s software on their personal computers

The requirement for enrolment in a doctoral programme at the UBT is a certificate of registration as a doctoral candidate in the University of Bayreuth's doctoral candidate database "BayDoc".

The doctoral regulations of the Faculties and Graduate Centres at University of Bayreuth require an online registration of all doctoral candidates. The University of Bayreuth is legally obliged (HStatG as of 2 March 2016) to report this data annually to the Federal Statistical Office. Please find further information on HStatG here.

Only once you have completed your registration in BayDoc and received a certificate of registration can you enrol in the doctoral programme.

BayDoc: 1. Online-Registration for doctoral candidatesHide

To access the registration portal, you must have a valid bt ID from the IT Service Center (ITS) of the University of Bayreuth. If you do not yet have a valid access code, please follow the instructions on the start pages of the relevant doctoral institution for online registration.

BayDoc: 2. Upload of documents - only required if not all training sections were acquired in GermanyHide

In the section "Education", we need information about your previous education. Mandatory fields according to the Higher Education Statistics Act (HStatG) are marked with an *.

An upload of documents is only necessary if at least one educational period was absolved abroad and/or you do not have German citizenship. In this case, please upload evidence of your entire educational history.

If this applies to you, please upload proof of the training stages listed here in the "Education" section of BayDoc:

  • School leaving certificate(s)
    Please upload here one single PDF with your school leaving certificate(s) incl. translation (e.g. A-Level, Baccalaureat, High-School-Diploma).
  • Documents bachelor degree
    Please upload here one single PDF with your bachelor’s degree (incl. certificate, academic transcript of records with grading scale and a translation of both the certificate and the transcript of records)
  • Documents Master/State Examination
    Please upload here one single PDF with your master’s degree (incl. certificate, academic transcript of records with grading scale and a translation of both the certificate and the transcript of records)
  • CV
    Please upload here your curriculum vitae in tabular form (incl. information with months and years regarding school and higher education)

If the required document was not issued in German or English, sworn translations in German or English are also required.

Please note that the check of foreign degrees cannot start before all documents are complete. It depends on the check whether you can enrol as a doctoral student.

If you have any questions, please contact the Incoming Degree team.

BayDoc: 3. Certificate for enrolmentHide

After your online registration, your request will be verified by your responsible supervisor. Once verified, you’ll be able to download and print the respective BayDoc-confirmation as a PDF for further use. You will find the valid confirmation of your registration in BayDoc as a PDF for printing out in the "Download" section:

  • Certificate for 2 semesters
    With the "Certificate for 2 semesters" you can be enrolled for up to 1 year in the named doctoral subject. In order to remain enrolled thereafter, please request "acceptance for doctoral studies" from the respective doctoral institution in a timely manner. You can only retrieve the "Certificate for 8 semesters" in BayDoc and submit it to the Registrar's Office for re-enrolment once you have been accepted for doctoral studies. This will allow you to enrol for up to the total period of 4 years stipulated in the BayHIG.

  • Certificate for 8 semesters
    With the "Certificate for 8 semesters", you can be directly enrolled for up to the total period of 4 years stipulated in the BayHIG (possibly with a condition), as you have registered as a doctoral candidate with a faculty or graduate school and have already been "accepted for doctoral studies" in accordance with the doctoral regulations.

You need the "Certificate for 2 semesters" or "Certificate for 8 semesters" stating your doctoral subject for admission and enrolment in a doctoral studies programme in the application portal CAMPUSonline.

If you have any further questions regarding registration in BayDoc, please contact the University of Bayreuth Graduate School.

With the confirmation from BayDoc, you can now enrol for the doctoral studies programme in the CAMPUSonline portal. International doctoral candidates who need to apply for a visa to enter Germany will also receive the necessary letter of admission there.

CAMPUSonline: 1. Online application in the online platform CAMPUSonlineHide

1. For enrollment, please first create an online application in the online platform CAMPUSonline.Please click 

  • if you are enrolling for the first time/ are not employed at UBT, please create a new CAMPUSonline account. To do this, simply click on "Create account".

  • if you have previously been enrolled at the UBT or are employed at the UBT, you must first have your account activated for an application. When you try to enter an application, you will first receive an automatic e-mail from the system informing you that fully automated registration is unfortunately not possible. Please follow the procedure described under point 3 to have your account activated for an application. As soon as your account has been adjusted accordingly, you can then enter the application.

2. You will find the path in the menu under “studies” and then „applications“. Follow with “enter new application”.

3. Select the semester for which you want to enroll. Please note that you will be enrolled (based on your submitted documentation) for the semester you have chosen, regardless of when you apply. It is also important to be aware that even if you enroll on the last day of the selected semester, it will count completely as the first of your 8 semesters and the full semester fee will need to be paid.

4. Select "doctoral programme" in the section “type of studies”. Under "intended degree", you can choose between a "doctoral research/doctorate" and a "structured doctoral programme".  Under "Study programme", select your doctoral subject, which is stated on your confirmation from BayDoc (“Certificate for 2 semesters” or “Certificate for 8 semesters”). A list of the subjects in which you can enrol for the purpose of doing a doctorate can be found on the „PhD subjects“ page.

5. Verify/Complete your personal information.

6. For international doctoral candidates only:

  • Please upload the confirmation of you registration as a doctoral student in the BayDoc portal:
    Certificate for 2 semesters or Certificate for 8 semesters

7. Submit you application electronically via the "Send" function.

CAMPUSonline: 2. Admission for doctoral studiesHide
  • You can download the letter of admission with information on enrolment directly from CAMPUSonline under "Download notification".

For international doctoral candidates only:

  • Your "Certificate for 2 semesters" or "Certificate for 8 semesters" will first be verified manually.
    You will receive an e-mail as soon as the letter of admission is available in CAMPUSonline under "Download notification". You may need the letter of admission to apply for or change the status of your visa.
CAMPUSonline: 3. Enrolment for doctoral studiesHide
  • Once you accepted the study place offer, you will find the application for enrolment on the "Application - Status" page in CAMPUSonline. Please print and send it with the required documents (see last page of the enrolment application) to the following address:

Universität Bayreuth
Referat I/2a: Studierendenkanzlei
95440 Bayreuth

Please make sure you submit all your documents in full.

  • Provided that all documents have been submitted completely in paper form, enrolment at the University of Bayreuth can be granted. If your documents are incomplete or incorrect, we will make a note of this in your self-service ("Application - Status"). Please therefore check there regularly.

  • Once you are enrolled, you will receive an e-mail with the necessary data for your student account in CAMPUSonline and cmlife (enrolment number, user ID and PIN code), which allow you to print out study certificates, etc. yourself.

  • You will receive your student ID card/ Student-UBT-Campus-Card by post.

If you have any further questions regarding enrolment, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Administration Office Team.


Please note that these provisions only apply to enrolment for the purpose of doctoral studies, but not the doctorate itself.

Enrolment as a doctoral student does not mean that the requirements for acceptance as a doctoral candidate have been met. The requirements for acceptance as a doctoral candidate are exclusively governed by the provisions of the doctoral regulations of the respective institute.

Please note:

The doctorate is not subject to a standard period of study. However, if you enrol, enrolment is limited to eight semesters. If you do not complete your doctorate within these four years, you can complete your doctorate at a later date - even without enrolment.

Re-enrolment for each semesterHide

You must re-enrol in time for each semester. This means that you intend to continue studying and want to be enrolled. You can find current information on re-enrolment here.

De-Registration after eight semestersHide

Enrolment automatically ends for doctoral students when the doctorate is completed; at the latest, however, it ends after four years. In accordance with these legal provisions, enrolment generally ceases for doctoral students after the end of the eight semester of their doctoral studies, and they may not renew their enrolment after this time.

Extension of doctoral studies beyond the eight semesterHide

Enrolment for the purpose of doctoral studies beyond the eight semester in the doctoral programme is only permissible for compelling reasons that must be related to the doctorate and must be confirmed by your supervisor. In addition, the enrolment period can be extended for international students if this is necessary due to residence regulations (§ 14 para 5 of the University of Bayreuth’s Enrolment Statutes).

If it is necessary for you to be enrolled for doctoral studies beyond the eight semester, please submit your request using the following form and provide the necessary documents.

University of Bayreuth Graduate School

The University of Bayreuth Graduate School supports the University’s doctoral researchers in a variety of different areas. Membership is open to all doctoral researchers at the University of Bayreuth, whether in a structured doctoral programme or working independently under the supervision of a professor at one of our seven faculties.

International Doctoral Candidates

Welcome Services at the University of Bayreuth provides guidance and support for all international students, scholars, and their families before, during, and after their stay at the University of Bayreuth. For all doctoral students who are new to the city, information about life in Bayreuth is offered. In order to be able to start your doctorate carefree, we want to support you comprehensively! You can find all the important information here.

Please note: The University of Bayreuth does not award any full scholarships.

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