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Deregistration by virtue of law

Students are deregistered at the end of the semester in which they have passed their final examination. Students receive a postal letter about this form of deregistration.

Enrolment in the programme of study concerned is possible until the end of the semester in which the certificate is handed out. Self-initiated deregistration (see 2.2), including at a time before the time point prescribed by law, is possible; students are responsible for any associated consequences. Whether there are consequences for assessment as a result, and for how long enrolment is required, are matters on which the relevant Examinations Office will provide information.

Provided a course of study in another programme of studies at the University of Bayreuth is being pursued  (e.g. Master’s programme, second degree, doctorate), the application to change the degree programme can be lodged by the student as described in the page on change of subject combination. A prior self-initiated deregistration is not necessary.  
Insofar as a course of study in another programme of studies at another university is being pursued (e.g. Master’s programme, second degree, doctorate), it is recommended to retain deregistration until the end of the semester.

The certificates provided by the Student Administration Office will state the periods of time in which enrolment was effective. The actual completion, or the actual period of study until the completion of the course of study, is evidenced by the date of certificate.

Deregistration at the request of the student

Students can apply for deregistration at any time in the semester themselves.

The withdrawl application can be downloaded here:

The deregistration application is to be submitted to the Student Administration Office in person or by post. You must present or send in your Campus Card. Sending in of the Campus Card may only be foregone if deregistration is to take place at at the end of the semester (30.09. or 31.03.) and re-enrolment for the following semester has not yet been carried out. In this case, the application can be submitted by fax or e-mail.

Deregistration can take place at any time, although not retroactively. The earliest possible date is that of the receipt of the application by the Student Administration Office. Looking forward, deregistration is possible at any point of time up to, at the latest, the end of the semester for which the applicant is currently re-enrolled. In the case of changing universities, deregistration at the end of the respective semester is recommended.

Provided as the application for deregistration is submitted in person, students receive all deregistration documents in person, while in all other cases of this form of deregistration, students receive a postal letter.

Deregistration ex officio

  • in the case of  notice of failing the final attempt of an intermediate examination or final examination, provided no change to another  programme of study has taken place; Please note: Here deregistration  takes place effective as of the end of the semester in which the commensurate notice of failing came into force

  • because of the subsequent appearance of an impediment to enrolment

  • provided it is determined on the basis of facts, that enrolment has taken place improperly

  • due to Re-enrolment not having taken place

  • For doctoral students after 8 semesters in doctoral studies

Students receive a postal letter about this form of deregistration.

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In deregistration according to numbers 2.1 and 2.3, the affected student receives notice from the Student Administration Office. Deregistration “by virtue of law” is also effective when the Student Administration Office cannot implement the deregistration administratively because of missing notification from the applicable Examinations Offices.

In deregistration according to number 2.2, the documents submitted at enrolment (e.g. certified copies of reports, health insurance exemption, etc.) are returned personally or by post.

In deregistration according to number 2.1 and 2.3, it is possible upon presentation of one’s student card or identity card, to have these documents returned within four weeks of the receipt of the above-mentioned postal letter, provided the file has not yet been destroyed.

Legal BasisHide

Provisions on deregistration can be found in article 94 of the Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act and in §§ 14, 15 of the enrolment regulations.

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