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Guest & Early Studies

Guest Studies

Legal basisHide

Guest students can be enrolled at the University of Bayreuth to attend individual courses upon request. They cannot occupy laboratory or permanent jobs.  According to Art 50 No. 4 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act, the taking of examinations is not permitted within the scope of guest studies.


Guest students generally require the same qualifications as students.  Exceptions are possible.  We examine the individual case on the basis of the relevant regulations and decide on admission or rejection of the respective applications.


On the basis of Art. 31 Para. 2 sentence 1 Bavarian Higher Education Innovation Act and § 16 Para. 9 Enrollment Statutes fees are charged for the enrolment of visiting students.  These are laid down in statutory regulations (Bavarian Higher Education Act - HSchGebV - BayRS 2210-1-1-9-K - in the respectively valid version).

The fees for course of study of visiting students is calculated according to the total number of semester hours per week of the courses for which enrolment is requested.  It currently amounts to

  • up to four semester hours per week 100 Euro per semester
  • five to eight semester weekly hours 200 Euro per semester
  • more than eight semester hours per week 300 Euro per semester

Cases where no charges are leviedt:

If enrolment as a guest student or guest student at another university is required in addition to enrolment as a student for a full, additional, supplementary, or postgraduate course of study in order to carry out and complete this course of study properly in accordance with the relevant examination regulations, no fees will be charged.

Furthermore, no fees will be charged in the case of:
  • foreign guest students who are enrolled as part of an exchange programme within the European Communities, which is also based on reciprocity with regard to the exemption of fees for studies, or within the framework of university cooperation agreements,
  • Pupils who are entitled to attend courses at universities on the basis of Art. 42 Para. 3 BayHSchG,
  • Guest students who are enrolled as students at another university with which a corresponding cooperation agreement exists.
Procedure for erolmentHide
  • request or collect the guest student application form and transfer form from the Student Office  (Central University Administration building, room 1.09).
  • fill in the application form, enter the chosen lectures according to the course catalogue.
  • if taking a language course, obtain written permission (on application) from the acting head of the Language Centre.  Please also note the information and dates provided by the Language Centre.
  • complete bank transfer
  • The following documents must be submitted with the initial application:

- Application and proof of payment (online printout/account statement)
- Copy of identity card/passport
- Bring secondary school transcript documents (originals are sufficient and will be returned after inspection);
- Photo (if guest student card is desired) This allows use of the library and payment functions (copies and canteen at guest price).

  •  The application will be signed and sealed by us and is therefore proof of your guest student status (certificate of enrollment)
  • If you were already enrolled as a guest student in a previous semester, the following documents are required:

- Application and proof of payment (online printout/account statement)

  • The following documents must be submitted for employees:

- Application with approval by supervisor(s)
- Copy of identity card/passport

Dates for enrolmentHide

Please have a look at the current PDF on the page dates in the academic year.

Early Studies


High school pupils who, according to the mutual judgement of their school and the University, have special talents may be admitted to courses as guest students in individual cases.  In the process, course and examination requirements may be fulfilled, and corresponding credit points acquired, which will be recognised in a subsequent course of study if there is subject-specific equivalence.
This option is intended for students in Year 11 to 13.  The courses offered by the University can be found in the course catalogue.
In principle, students can acquire certificates of achievement in all subjects.  The only exceptions are subjects with restricted admission.

Procedure for enrolmentHide
  • The application for admission to early studies (available here) must be submitted to the Student Office of the University of Bayreuth with the confirmations mentioned under No. 2 and 3 (applicants under the age of 18 require the consent of their legal guardians).  Information on guest student studies can be found at the top of this page.

  • Pupils must submit confirmation from their headmaster stating the type of school leaving certificate they wish to obtain, their academic background, their special aptitude, and an endorsement of their participation in certain university courses.
  • The representative of the University of Bayreuth responsible for the selected course is to approve participation.  It is recommended to contact the responsible representative in advance.

    Here you will find further information about the Early Studies University.

Registering as a student after completing schoolHide

If, after enrolling as a highly gifted student, you wish to apply or enrol as a student, please contact the Student Office. We will be happy to explain the necessary steps to you.

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