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Renewal of enrolment

General information

Renewal of enrolment for the winter semester 2024/25 takes place from 10 June 2024 to 24 July 2024.

In cmlife (section “semester fee status”), you will find the current semester fee amount as well as the reason for payment to be included when making the money transfer. Please note that you will not receive any automatic notification about the renewal of enrolment. Please make sure to check the status of your enrolment in cmlife.

Bank account details

Staatsoberkasse Bayern in Landshut

Bank account details:
Bayer. Landesbank München 
IBAN: DE36 7005 0000 4101 1903 15

Reason for payment:
your matriculation number,24W,surname,first name

Semester fee

The semester fee of 148,04 € is comprised of:

  • fee for the Association of Student Services: 72,00 € 
  • fee for the semester ticket: 76,04 €

Please note: Students who are entitled to free transport according to the Disabilities Act and are in possession of the supplementary sheet to their ID for severely disabled persons complete with valid, respective stamps, are reimbursed the additional lump-sum fee upon presentation of  the respective ID. Please submit the application for reimbursement by the start of lectures.

In case the renewal of enrolment has not been successful, please make sure to check whether the full amount of the semester fee was transferred.

Blocking renewal of enrolment

In case the renewal of enrolment has not been successful please check whether the system automatically prevented your enrolment renewal from being carried out.

If you are studying more than one subject, please make sure that enrolment has been renewed successfully for all of your subjects.

Possible reasons for a re-registration block:

Bachelor´s degreeHide
  • Bachelor's degree at the University of Bayreuth

Once you have passed the examination, please contact your examination office so that they can inform us of the date and overall grade of the Bachelor's examination you have passed, whereupon the re-registration block will be cancelled. If you have already received your Bachelor's certificate in the meantime, it is sufficient to send it to us by e-mail. If you do not fulfil the conditions for admission, you will be de-registered at the end of the semester in question.

  • Bachelor's degree at another college/university

Please submit your Bachelor's certificate by e-mail. If you have not received your Bachelor's certificate by the end of the required deadline, please contact us as soon as possible.

Modul requirementsHide

For Master's admissions, module requirements may be specified in the admission letter, which must be fulfilled within the first two semesters. If you have fulfilled the module requirements, please contact your examination office and ask for confirmation of this. Send this to us.

Industrial internshipHide

For Master's admissions, the letter of admission may state that you must provide evidence of an industrial internship within the first two semesters. If you have already completed an industrial internship, please contact Dr. Adelheid Schütz for recognition. 

Language certificateHide

If you have to provide proof of language skills within the first two semesters, please send us the relevant documents. If you have attended a language course through the Language Centre Bayreuth, please send us your transcript of records by e-mail.

Doctoral Studies programmeHide
  • Certificate for 2 semesters
    With the "Certificate for 2 semesters" you can be enrolled for up to 1 year in the named doctoral subject. In order to remain enrolled thereafter, please request "acceptance for doctoral studies" from the respective doctoral institution in a timely manner. You can only retrieve the "Certificate for 8 semesters" in BayDoc and submit it to the Registrar's Office for re-enrolment once you have been accepted for doctoral studies. This will allow you to enrol for up to the total period of 4 years stipulated in the BayHIG.

  • Certificate for 8 semesters
    With the "Certificate for 8 semesters", you can be directly enrolled for up to the total period of 4 years stipulated in the BayHIG (possibly with a condition). If it is necessary for you to be enrolled for doctoral studies beyond the eight semester, please submit your request using the following form.
Special requirementsHide

This could be, for example, missing notifications from the health insurance company. Please contact us directly in this case.

Validation and course certificates

It takes approximately one week for your renewal of enrolment to be completed after the payment of your semester fee has been received. After successful completion you will be provided with an enrolment certificate that you can download through cmlife. Please also make sure to validate your student card for the new semester at one of the validation machines on campus.

Further information

If necessary, please refer to the pages on leave of absence and change of course.

If you do not renew your enrolment within the above mentioned period you will be de-rigistered from the University of Bayreth, according to the provisions of § 14 para. 3 of the Enrolment, Re-enrolment and De-registration Regulations of the University of Bayreuth (Enrolment Regulations) of 10 August 2010. 

No special call for renewal of enrolment with any period of grace will be issued.

Renewal of enrolment for doctoral students is only possible up to the 8th semester of study. More detailed information can be found on this page.

Important information for students of law on examination proceedings.

Webmaster: Ulrike Nützel

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