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Change of subject combination

1. Deadline

A change in programme of study or of a subject, the addition or dropping of an additional programme or of additional subject (including changes of the major, minor or teaching subject) or part-time to full-time/full-time to part-time is only permitted during the period of enrolment or the period of re-enrolment.

That means that a change of subject after completed re-enrolment can be undertaken in the four weeks after the beginning of lectures of the respective semester. The deadlines do not apply in the case of subject change after definitively failing preliminary, intermediate or final examinations.

Provided that you have successfully applied for a spot in a course of study with locally restricted admissions, you are obliged to keep to the deadlines for enrolment and change in programme as communicated in the letter of admission.

2. Adding a further programme of studies

Enrolment for two or more programmes of study with restricted admissions is only permitted where there is a particular professional, scientific or artistic interest in simultaneously studying the various programmes of studies (cf. Article 42 para 2 sentence 4 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act).

Enrolment in two or more open-admissions programmes of study is possible. Because multiple Enrolment does not result in an extension of examination deadlines, it is recommended that you seek Student Advising before taking up the programme of studies.

3. Transition from bachelor's to master's programme

To change enrolment to a master's programme, you must fulfil the programme requirements as set forth in the relevant examination and study regulations. Please apply via CampusOnline or the chair. You can find more information on how to apply here in the information on the degree programme.

The transition from a bachelor’s to a master’s programme can result in a double Enrolment if the result of the bachelor’s examination is not known at the time of the change in enrolment. Re-enrolment for the semester in question will be automatically blocked until examination results are published. The Board of Examiners generally provides us with the date and overall grade after an examination has been passed, upon which the re-enrolment blocking is lifted. If the student does not fulfil the requirements attached to admission, de-registration takes place at the end of the respective semester.

4. Application and procedure

When a change in programme is planned, please consult with the programme advisers of both the current programme and the planned programme, to plan your course of studies appropriately. Consequently, for a change of programme, both the Subject Change Application and the subsequent “Programme Adviser Attestation” form must be handed in

Exception: If you are changing to a programme with an aptitude assessment test you will only need confirmation of the consultation in your current programme.

Please find the corresponding forms here:

Either send the documents to the Student Administration Office or bring them in person.

To be sent / handed in:

  • completed and signed change of subject application
  • Where appropriate, notice of acceptance from the University of Bayreuth (for subjects with restricted admissions)
  • Where appropriate, already received computer print-outs (UBT Campus-Card, enrolment certificates, record of study) for the semester in question.
  • Overview of choice of modules for a change in enrolment to module studies
  • Where appropriate, proof of aptitude test in physical education, or proofs of successful completion of aptitude testing processes in relevant degree courses
  • Where appropriate, accreditation (semester classification)of the responsible examinations office, or preliminary examination certificate
  • When changing from minors to bachelor’s programmes, for which, according to the respective regulations regarding examinations, the approval of the examinations office / board of examiners, corresponding letter of approval from the responsible examinations office / board of examiners is required
  • Where appropriate, university degree certificate (postgraduate programme, graduate course, second degree or doctoral studies) and supervisor confirmation (doctoral studies)
  • For continuation of study in law (to complete the supplementary degree in business economics): diploma certificate (original and copy), as well as confirmation from the Chair of Public Law & Economic Law (Professor Dr. Wißmann), with a view to improving grades in the diploma certificate, see above
  • As an international applicant, approval of the change in subject by the City of Bayreuth
  • When being carried out by a third party: written authorization

Exception double enrolment bachelor’s / master’s

  • completed and signed change of subject application
  • Notice of acceptance, or confirmation from the Examinations Office, or approval from the Board of Examiners, that it is possible to take up the programme of studies

The Student Administration Office is informed by the Examinations Office, whether the bachelor’s examination has been passed, and where appropriate with what grade. Subsequently, it is however still necessary to hand in a simple copy of certificate as quickly as possible after it is received.

Important notice on registering with the Language Center:

Following a change of subject combination, the status of you language training will not be adjusted automatically. After a change of subject combination, please write an E-mail to campusonline@helpdesk.sz.uni-bayreuth.de to give notice of the changed subject combination.

Important notice for international students:

A change of subject combination, which has not been approved by the Foreigners Office responsible in your case, can lead to the loss of your residence permit! To avoid negative legal consequences in a change of subject, you should have this form confirmed at the International Office and approved by the Foreigners Office of the City of Bayreuth, and submit it along with the subject change at the Student Administration Office.

For any further queries, we’re at your service.

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