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Change of name or address

According to § 10 of the Enrolment, Re-enrolment and De-Registration Regulations of the University of Bayreuth, students are required to notify the University of any change of name, nationality or postal address.

Change of name or nationality

Official proofs must be provided for change of name or change of nationality. For a change of name, the UBT Campus-Card (and a new passport photograph) are to be provided. For notification of a change of name, please use the corresponding Form.

Therefore, always keep the Student Administration Office informed of your current address. This is important, not least, to allow official mail to reach you in time. For example, misdirected reminder letters (library) could result in avoidable costs accruing. In the Student Administration Program, there is space for two postal addresses:

The semester address is to be understood as your address while at university, whereas home address (possible for non-local students) is your postal address in your home town. For the mailing of post, please indicate whether this should be sent to your semester address or to your home address. Indicating the name of the landlord (additional information) is only necessary when you do not have your own letter box, and can only be reached via the letter box of the landlord. When announcing a change in name or nationality at the Student Administration Office, please provide the necessary documents (passport, marriage certificate, to document the chosen married name) as well as your UBT Campus-Card. To have a new Campus-Card made, a new passport photograph is required.

Change of postal address

For a change of address, please use the online services for students. The addresses are then changed immediately, without any confirmation being sent. Please note that over the course of your studies, important communications will be sent to your University E-Mail-Address by the University.

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