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Doctoral Studies programme

1. Legal Basis

Article 49 para. 3 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act (BayRS 2210-1-1-WFK, as amended) is where enrolment for the purpose of doctoral research is regulated.

Accordingly, after passing the final examination in a particular programme of study, students can stay enrolled or be re-enrolled when they apply for enrolment or for a continuation of enrolment in order to start a doctorate.

The requirement on the doctorate is based solely on the doctoral regulations of the respective faculty.

2. Time to doctorate

Doctoral researchers are to be de-registered when the doctorate has been completed, or at the latest after three years. According to these statutory provisions, students are de-registered after the end of the sixth semester of their doctoral studies and cannot reapply for further studies.

Enrolment for the purpose of doctoral research beyond the sixth semester of doctoral studies is only permitted if there are urgent grounds for doing so, which must be in connection with the doctorate and are to be confirmed by the relevant faculty. Furthermore, enrolment can be extended for foreign students provided this is necessary because of residence regulations (§ 14 para. 5 of the Enrolment, Re-enrolment and De-Registration Regulations of the University of Bayreuth).

Provided it is necessary to be enrolled beyond the sixth semester of study for a doctorate, please apply for this with the following Form together with the required documents.

It should be noted that this regulation solely applies to Enrolment for the purpose of the doctorate, and not to the doctorate itself.

The Team at the Student Administration Office would be happy to answer any further queries.

3. Notes on Enrolment

Enrolment in a doctoral studies programme does not signify that the conditions for admission to the doctorate have been fulfilled.  Conditions for admission to a doctorate are defined solely according to the provisions of the doctoral regulation of the respective faculty.

For enrolment it is therefore necessary, in addition to online registration as a candidate, to supply written confirmation from the respective faculty or institution of the University of Bayreuth regarding acceptance as a doctoral candidate  (§ 6 para. 1 sentence 2 No. 14 a of the Enrolment, Re-enrolment and De-Registration Regulations of the University of Bayreuth). Doctoral students can find the confirmation for the student office in their portal BayDOC under "download" as a file. You will find the access to online registration on this page.

Enrollment instructions can be found here.

International students who are interested in a doctorial stuies programme can find informations here.

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