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Admission Restricted Study Programmes

Application period for the winter semester 2024/25: 29 April 2024 (from 9:00 a.m.) - 15 July 2024

General Information

  • Information on the local selection procedure can be found in this PDF
  • Information for disabled students and students with chronic illnesses can be found at www.becks.uni-bayeuth.de
  • Information on the local selection limits can be found here.
​German-French Bachelor's programme in law, LL.B.Hide

General Information

Type of Application:

German-Spanish Bachelor's programme in law, LL.B.Hide

General Information

Type of Application:

Sport, Business & Law (B.Sc.)Hide

General Information

  • about the study programme
  • Application deadline: 15.07.2024
  • Submission deadline for incomplete application documents: 01.08.2024

Type of application:

Aptitude test

For the bachelor's degree in sports economics, the requirement to pass the Bavarian aptitude test for sports has been abolished. In view of the fact that the study programme is to be redesigned in future to increase the practical sports component, we nevertheless strongly recommend participation in the Bavarian aptitude test.

Improving the average grade

The criteria for improving the average grade of the higher education entrance qualification can be found here

Special cases

  • Do you have a higher education entrance qualification from the United Kingdom/Ireland or an International Baccalaureate diploma? You apply within the deadline and then receive a grace period until which you can submit evidence of a higher education entrance qualification via a tentative notice of grade equivalency provided by the Bavarian Office for the Recognition of Foreign Credentials.

  • In the summer semester 2011, were you enrolled at a Bavarian university in special courses in accordance with Art. 47 para. 3 BayHSchG? This does not count as a course of study and should not be mentioned in the details of the previous course of study. If you have any doubts as to whether this is a special study programme in accordance with Art. 47 Para. 3 BayHSchG, please contact your university.

  • Applicants with professional qualifications:
    Applying for admission to programmes with an aptitude assessment process or programmes with restricted admission is only possible once you have received your general higher education entrance approval, i.e. once your documents have been processed. Sign up early for an advising session to ensure that your higher education entrance approval can be granted by the application deadline. Further information can be found here.

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